The Music of Eric Ross

Reviews & Press

"Eric Ross has excited critics and audiences with his fiery virtuosity and innovative work."
           -Tim Page, The Washington Post

"A unique blend of classical, serial, jazz, electronic and avant-garde."
           -Jon Parales, The New York Times

"Eric Ross led his 'Theremin Summit' to an enthusiastic sold-out audience at the Berlin Jazz Festival."
           -Mike Zwerin, International Herald Tribune

"A sonic magician."
           -Bremen Nordsee Zeitung, Germany

"Great theremin player; [his] use of electronics is very special."
           -Robert Moog, inventor

"An important man in the electronic music world and a contemporary theremin music pioneer."
           -Ashai News, Japan

"[Eric Ross] is among the great gods of theremin playing."
           -DB, Vermont Composer’s League

"I might as well leave right now, I’ll never hear anything this wonderful again."
           -A fan at the Newport Jazz Festival

"I’ve never seen guitar playing like Eric’s before. There were a lot of guitarists in the audience tonight, I’m sure a lot of them will be going home and sitting down trying to figure out what he was doing."
           -A fan at the Utah Arts Festival

"Eric Ross premiered his Piano Preludes (Op.44) at the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, an attractive difficult set with many wide and unusual leaps."
           -Klavier Magazine

"Fascinating multimedia."
           -Royal Stokes, The Washington Post

"Livelier than the old electronic music with a good and wide range of new and varied sound."
           -Eric Saltzman, Stereo Review

"Strangely powerful, hypnotic and lyrical."
           -The Toronto Star

"But will I like it? The Ross’ show was fresh, and imaginative...[it gave] the audience an experience of avant-garde sights and sounds to remember, maybe even replay in their dreams."
           -Molly Bell, Richmond, Virginia, News Leader

"Extremely engrossing. Considerably futuristic, it is accessible. Ross creates delicate illusionary ambiance on the theremin which emits waves of energy. The music is mesmerizing, captivating and challenging. On Rimn Vornl and NydiaM, he and his band whipped up some hellacious free jazz jams."
           -Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine

"Theremin CD of the year."
           -Frank Rubolino, BBC Radio 1